to bugg or not to bugg

Thank you so much for your well wishes, my tummy has *finally* settled.

Not much to report from ani-land. I've been cracking on, doing my exercise and eating well. I'm about to go to another spin class this morning (the crazy European again) and then the rest of the day will be spent avoiding finishing my document for work.

I've been wanting to get a bit more accurate and accountable with my exercise levels and calories in/calories out. It'd be great to know whether I'm pushing myself enough and to have more predictable results. I've been researching heart rate monitors like polar and calorie management systems like the body bugg or the go wear fit. I'd like to know just how many calories I'm burning, but what puts me off is the monthly fees. I hate that programs like the Body Bugg and Go Wear Fit rely on an online system to which you need to subscribe. Who's to say the fees won't sky-rocket just at the point I'm reliant on the tool? I'd rather pay up-front, download the software and have continued guaranteed access to all my data.

I'm not sure whether to suck it in and go for the bugg or just stick to buying a simple heart rate monitor for now. What do you reckon? Do any of you use either?


Miss Milo said...

I've never used a heart rate monitor but all of those sound great! Hopefully someone can give you some advice :) (If not, maybe you could try posting on one of the running forums?)

So glad to hear things are going well with food and exercise. As I said yesterday, you are looking fab - the changes are really noticable. Keep up the great work!


The Better Idiot said...

I would say invest in a good heart rate monitor. I was thinking about getting a body bugg when I saw them on the biggest loser, but ultimately I think the monthly fees gouge too much from us. All you need to figure out calories correctly is your heart rate right? Maybe just pay a little more up front and get a really good one.

Ashwee said...

OOhh Ohhh! I am totally in LOVE with my polar heart rate monitor. It works out the calories and you have access to the online softwear for free.. A weird little face, I recently posted with the title "I [heart] my polar heart rate monitor" and I got a comment from polar saying "We [heart] you too!" too weird huh??

I would get a polar for sure..

Although I'm biased after they flirted with me!

Fat[free]Me said...

They do sound fun, but too darn expensive! I can imagine them being most useful if one gets stuck on a plateau for any length of time, but for general weight loss/exercise that is working, I am not so sure it is worth the cost.

Glad your tum has settled down now, by the way!

wildfluffysheep said...

Theres a bodybugg buzz going round a few of the blogs this week. People seem pretty impressed with them (though not with the price)

kudos to being on plan.

Losing Waist! said...

Umm... I don't know if you have stopped by my blog in the last couple of days... but I started the Body Bugg thing last week-- it is amazing. You should take a minute and stop by to read (a little too much for me to write about in a comment). The reality of the calories I am burning, and how everything scientifically relates to my loss. LOVE THE REALITY FACTOR.

It does suck to be dependent on the online thing. When you buy it the package includes the first six months of the subscription. So at least you have six months without the price jack-up threat.

Anyway. I would say DO IT. But it depends... again. Past couple of days on my blog.

ani pesto said...

@Miss M - thank you sweetie

@TBI - I guess I need to do a bit more research. I get how a heart rate monitor helps tell you how hard to push yourself when you're working out but I don't get how you work out calories burned. Do they keep records over time or just snapshots?

@Ashwee - that's sooo cool that they noticed your blog. d'oh I should prolly ask my questions of heart rate monitors to you. Can it tell you your daily calories burned or do you have to do the math?

@Losing Waist - wow! praise indeed, it really does sound cool. I just wish there was a way I could hire one of each and try them out - ho hum :-)