I updated my progress picture. It may just be with the power of my super-sensitive ultra-critical detail-spotting self-perceptive eyes, but I'm actually starting to see a real difference again.

left: 22nd January 112kg
(4kg after the restart, by which time I'd stopped being quite so camera shy)
right: yesterday 102.9kg (at last weigh-in)

There's a little more square to my shoulders and a little less tummy-rolling, it's not much and you may need to squint to see it but it's keeping this gal happy :-)


Take One Stripper Pole said...

No squinting needed ... you are looking fabulous! Way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yes, there is a difference! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

You're definitely shrinking lovely... no squinting required! Yayyyy for you!! xxx

Cammy said...

Uh, I'd be happy, too. Look at those collar bones poking up there! Oh yes, be happy and celebrate!

AlleyCat said...

Good job!! & yes, squinting not needed :0)

ani pesto said...

thank you everyone
It's funny how we often can't see ourselves very objectively, even in photos (quite often the harshest of realities)

@Cammy - funny you should say that, my collarbones are my new favourite thing. I always wanted collarbones and this time I intend to keep them :-)

Ria said...

Hi -- I love your blog -- found it recently, but this is my first comment.

There is a definite difference, and like the others I didn't need to squint at all!