finals weekend

It's a big weekend in Ani-ville - the finals of The Biggest Loser and So You Think You Can Dance - yes, yes I live a shallow life, I know

In Dance I think my vote is for Talia. I'm not sure about Loser. I'd like a lass to take the crown, but then again I really wouldn't mind if it went to Bob either (he's such a lovely chap).

I slept in this morning and missed spin class grrrr! Not ideal, but at least it answered my body's need for sleep which had certainly been lacking lately. No space for such apathy tomorrow morning though, early night tonight lady.

Hrmm now that I've started typing, I've realised I have very little to say.. ah well perhaps it'll be a short one for once.

I'm off shopping this afternoon to see about buying some new trainers and investigate the heart monitor options.

Hope everyone's having a good start to the weekend.


The Better Idiot said...

I wish I had been watching biggest loser, a lot of people mention it. It's really difficult to find the torrents for it though since NBC started cracking down, and it doesn't show here.

Miss Milo said...

Oooh oooh oooh I'm sooooooo excited about the finals too! I love Sunday night TV, too :) I'm voting for Talia and Tiffany or Bob. Not sure what I'm going to do with myself on Sunday nights from now on... :(

ani pesto said...

@the better idiot - I've been wanting to catch up with the NBC one as well, so many Americans have mentioned it in their blogs and I listen to Jillian Michael's podcasts so I'd love to know who she's talking about. You can't see any more than tiny clips on the official website from over here - shame! This is an Aussie version on our tellies at the moment - it's very similar tho.

@miss m - yeah I think I'd like Tiff to win as well, but tbh I'd be equally happy with Sammie or Julie. I was totally behind Meaghan as well (but found out when I lurked on the forums I was in the minority there)

ani pesto said...

p.s. d'oh forgot Julie had already gone

Anonymous said...

I really want Tara to win, she's a machine! I love her!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I didn't realize you were talking about Aussie Biggest Loser!
I watched the first season on youtube, but it's so long with one episode per day! I wish they'd done it like in the US with episodes once a week! Then I could follow it too!

ani pesto said...

@chubrubb - I wish they'd done it like the US version too, so much more focussed, less stupid plot twists to fill the time and keep interest. We had the US version over here before Oz made their own, I must say I preferred the format.

beetricks said...

Who's going to be in the final three though? I'm really hoping Cameron or Sam goes - I really like Sharif and Tiff.

I am going out to dinner just so I can tape TBL and FF through the ads!