happy monday

Despite the finals fabulousness (big congratulations to Talia for winning Dance, I quite literally jumped out of my seat whoooping when it was announced, bless 'er) I'd been feeling pretty flat all weekend. I'm glad to say the flatness has now passed and I'm actually having a pretty happy Monday. It's early days yet and I'm on-site at a very frustrating client, but so far, all signs are curiously positive.

I finally made it out to the shops yesterday afternoon too. If ever I needed proof my lifestyle and priorities have changed, it was right there in my shopping bags. Three hours of mall-trekking to buy nothing more than a pair of trainers (sneakers) and a couple of bras (1 sports, 1 everyday) all of which made me pretty darn happy. It's a pleasant change to get to the end of the day with a relatively healthy wallet and a bag empty of food wrappers. In days of old, not at all that long ago, retail therapy also meant food therapy and an overwhelming need to empty the food hall of all it's sugar goods.

I proudly wore my purchases at the gym this morning. I kicked the bejeebies out of the boxing pads with my sparkly, new, pink (of course) trainers and while wearing, rather less visibly, my fabulous new crazy coloured berlei sports bra in shades of orange, grey and mauve, in my head it makes me look like an 80's throwback futuristic-style pop-star but I may just be letting my imagination stretch a tad there.

On the heart monitor question, I'm currently leaning towards the GoWearFit/Body Bugg but unfortunately neither have stockists in Australia and their websites won't ship outside the US. I'll need to investigate options for having it sent to someone in the States and forwarded on.

Aussie Biggest Loser final tonight! Sooooo excited!!


The Better Idiot said...

I know they've used BodyBugg on biggest loser and it's supposed to be good, but personally I would feel a little leery of anything that requires you pay for the product and then again every month for the subscription, what's to say they won't up subscription price later? Also, if anything happened to the site you wouldn't be able to use the product right?

I too had a bit of a subdued weekend, nothing 'wrong' exactly, but couldn;t lift my mood.

Miss Milo said...

Glad to hear you're feeling a bit less flat chickadee :)

Your shopping DOES sound exciting... pink shoes, YAY!

I'm watching TBL as we speak. Can't wait until the final starts - I had tears in my eyes when Bob got on the scale!


Fat[free]Me said...

That bra sounds lovely! Want.

Hope the blahs have well and truly gone now and you have a better week!

Cammy said...

Yaay for sensible retail therapy! I'll bet you DID look like a rock star in the gym!

AlleyCat said...

Someone actually asked me one day why I was grinning so much at the gym. I had to explain about my new sports bra & HOW MUCH BETTER it was than my old one!

Good Job on the shopping front.

wildfluffysheep said...

Goodbye flat feelings!

Good shopping :D I need some new trainers.... I hate shopping usually so it would mean food therapy for me not any more :D

Nice range of bras :D

Man the biggest loser is global huh? We just started a new season here in England!