new city, new start


I made it to Melbourne!

We're still surrounded by boxes and complete chaos - largely created by two cats who don't appreciate being shut in under the new regime. Truth be told my eating and exercising is in the same state as the rest of the madness. I've had a couple of binges in amidst the stress of moving and the intimidation of a new job and my daily intake has increased with the excitement of a plethora of new cafes and eateries.

The campaign to get back on track starts here.

Well nearly here - first I need to shake this cold and toothache... then the campaign starts.

It's seriously cold here. Like REALLY cold. I remember back in Blighty I thought all those Neighbours actors were just mocking us pommes with their thick coats and scarves under the bright blue sky but now I see the truth in all that insulation. I arrived to the coldest May day in 27 years so I'm told. My poor worn down, stressed-out body knew it as well and blessed me with my first cold for years. Then my teeth joined in, resulting in a hasty lunchtime visit to a kindly dentist and a whole heap of pain. The first impressions I'm making at my new swanky place of work is a delight to behold - a dribbly, numbed-mouth, sneezey mess!

Anyways, in the midst of all that snot I ventured into a gym. It's just 4 floors below my desk - no excuse! It was a lot more expensive than I'm used to and I'm going to have to do some serious budgeting to fit it in but it's worth it.

Plan for this week -

  • join the gym
  • watch my food intake - all those cafes aren't going anywhere and I don't have to try everything on offer within my first month
  • weigh in on Tuesday and report my weight even if it's a gain
  • catch up on 3 week's worth of blogs - there's no better source of inspiration than all you fab people