It's been a huge couple of days.

I had fully expected to spend it as a bike widow. Hubby had plans for a long cycle with his buddies today and a motorbike ride for tomorrow or Monday. I was just going to amuse myself.

Instead, together we cycled a grand total of 76.5km (47.9 miles).

Before now, the longest I'd road-cycled was 17km. Yesterday I'd hoped to take a slightly longer route than normal (between the banana cake and the hot cross buns I'd been over my calorie-guide limit all week, plus I hadn't exercised since Wednesday and with it being Easter there wouldn't be any gym classes all weekend) so hubs and I set took off along the Bayside from Brighton to the Westgate Bridge.

29.5km (18.4 miles) there and back.

Ride 1, Good Friday : 29.5km - Brighton to Westgate Bridge and back

It felt fantastic and the Mr. was so proud of me, the spin classes are definitely paying off. We hadn't even got half way before he declared to me, "you're so coming with us tomorrow" and texted his buddies to tell him I'd be joining them.

I was so apprehensive. I planned to write all about it last night. Even after the triumph of that day, the thought of being the slow-poke, trailing behind and making people wait for me, kept me awake.

Thankfully there was still a part of me sure I could do it. So I went along and I DID do it.

47km (29.4 miles) and they didn't have to wait for me!!

Ride 2, Saturday : 47km - Point Cook to Williamstown and back


My joints were toast by the end of it, it was probably a good hour or two before my knees would bend without extra persuasion again, but by that time I was tucking happily into barbecue chicken and potato salad so had very little care.

I know I'll sleeep well tonight and will no doubt be stiff tomorrow but right now I'm very very proud of myself.


Fat[free]Me said...

That is just fabulous news! Well done!

Miss Milo said...

OMG Ani... you are amazing!!! What an enormous achievement - no wonder hubby was proud of you. You've come such a long way, and you're such an inspiration... I can't even imagine cycling your original 17kg, let alone 76!

Go you... I'm so proud of you!

Ashwee said...

I TOLD you you could do it!!! You rock!

Cammy said...

I'm so impressed! And practically bursting with pride for you! Well done!

The Better Idiot said...

That's insanely good, especially when it was unplanned and untrained for. I hope your joints aren;t too bad today, I hate the knee pain I get when I do longer rides'

wildfluffysheep said...

My mouth practically hit the floor when I read how far you'd cycled. Kudos, missus! Definitely super impressed and very jealous!