look what I got

The number one bonus of having two different trainers throughout the week has been that I can hide my total lack of cardio exercise. This wasn't going to be a sustainable position, sooner or later they'd talk. And of course it was only affecting one person: me. Face it, I was going to have to get my butt moving and burn some serious calories.

So what exercise to tackle? Back in the BR (before regain) days I really grew to love RPM/spin classes. I would push myself further and further each week and feel a wonderful warm glow of total smugness over brekkie after. Not so now though, I figure I have a great deal of fitness to build up and a dozen or two kilos to shift before I can imagine heading back there again.

So how about walking or jogging? Well the latter you can strike off the list right now, not a chance matey and certainly not on the street. We had a treadmill before we moved interstate but sold it as we weren't really using it with both of us doing most of our workouts with our trainers. Walking? Mwah. It's OK I guess but I was sure I could do better.

We went shopping this morning for the Mr's birthday present. He'd wanted boxing gloves and a free-standing/swinging punch bag. Having squirmed at the free-standing punch bag prices and not wanting to hang a bag at our rental house, I came up with the bright idea to get his and hers gloves for the both of us and a set of padded mitts. That way it's something we can do together and we'll both get a workout.

Can't show you the mitts or his-gloves coz it's not his birthday yet but here are mine in all their girly pink glory:

...and there's more. No sooner had the till rung through with our fantastic purchases than I was in a bike shop impulse buying this:


I haven't owned a real bike for about 20 years. With some trepidation, and a sneaking suspicion I should have had training wheels fitted, hubby and I went out for a test run this arvo. Him on skates and me on my new bike. Oooh it needs a name, what am I going to call it?

My legs went from jelly to lead before I'd even worked up a sweat, my gear control has a lot to be desired and I managed to twist my ankle (Lesson learned: don't stop too close to the edge of a path that gives way to a steep slope and expect to be able to reach the ground. More likely you'll tumble to the dirt with said sparkly new bike on top of you. doh!) but it's a great start *skips away gleefully singing "on the road again"*

You folks who've been kind enough to visit my blog will have to keep me honest. If I'm not back here telling regular tales of fabulous bike rides, you have every right to pull me up on it.


Elsha said...

See I was thinking of buying a bike but I am nervous....I am not sure whether they'd take my weight....

I gotta do something, cos re-joining the gym is NOT an option.

Crucifer does not know how to ride a bike though (try not to laugh too hard) so solo bike riding does not appeal.

ani said...

Must admit that occurred to me too, I remember with horror buying a ladder with a weight limit lighter than I was.

I don't think you'll have much to worry about though. From what you say in your blog I think we're in the same sort of weight range and mine's fine. I actually got a men's bike (purely because they didn't have the frame size I needed in a woman's and as an impulse buy I knew that if I didn't walk out the shop wheeling a bicycle, I'd only end up talking myself out of it) so it's built to carry big burly blokes. I read the instruction manual and unlike our ladder it doesn't even mention a recommended weight limit.

I'm way unsteady and not ready to go on the road yet bu' hey it's like riding a bike right? If you're tempted to try I'd say go for it (a lot cheaper than gym membership too). I was very relieved that the first person I saw on the bike trail yesterday was a lass even bigger than me.

It's going to be a while before I'm actually getting a good cardio workout though. I'm so out of practice my muscles are giving in way before I'm even close to being out of puff.

Cammy said...

Ooh, love the shiny new bike! You can bet I'll mark on my calendar to check up on your rides.

I just bought a bike last year, and it took some getting used to. I was JUST getting into some longer rides when winter struck. But I'm looking forward to spring and getting back into it. Maybe we can go on some virtual bike rides together?

ani pesto said...

A "virtual bike ride" hehe, I like the sound of that.