happy australia day

What a fab day! We just got home from our day at the Australian Open and despite two of the three matches we saw being conceded due to injury and illness, it was still a fantastic day out.

We watched Serena Williams' feathers get ruffled before her opponent Victoria Azarenka sadly had to retire due to illness, we then had the pleasure to witness Rafael Nadal beat Fernando Gonzalez in straight sets - top form, awesome to watch. There really is nothing like live sport to get the blood pumping.

No exercise of my own today though (my achey joints are thanking me but my desire to fat burn's not so impressed). In eating news it's been a great day. I was so proud of myself. There we were in food stall heaven, wafts of freshly baked profiteroles, cakes and hot dogs filling the air and I chose to walk on by and queue up instead for sushi and fruit. Even buying my hubby his own hot dog and ice cream then felt kinda good, knowing I didn't actually want any and didn't feel like I was missing out.

OK, well of course I didn't *totally* miss out. We all know there aren't any real calories in other people's food, right? So I did have a wee taste of tiramisu ice cream. Rude not to... very very yumm :-)

Back to work tomorrow and Healthy You Challenge weigh-in day. Good luck to all the other HYCers out there, see you tomorrow.


Big Girl said...

How fun to be there.. wish I could have joined you!

Cammy said...

My almost-90 year-old grandmother is a huge fan of the Australian Open, so much so that we're not allowed to visit when matches are on. (Since she tapes many of them to watch during the day, we're not sure how we're supposed to know she's watching. But you don't argue with a grandma. :)

Glad you had such a great time! Good for you for doing the "small taste" version of snacking. I've found that sometimes, that's all i really wanted, to begin with.