blubber - a love story


The heaviest I’ve ever been is 159kg (25 stone, 350lb), I know I’ve mentioned that previously. What I’m not sure I’ve mentioned before, is that the very last day I ever weighed that amount was the day my husband and I had our first date, just over seven years ago.

Since the age of 12 I was a stereotypical yo-yo dieter, albeit of course very unwittingly. I’d stick to whatever eating plan I’d decided to follow and my weight would go down. I’d reach a point of failure, struggle for a wee bit and then it would go up again. In a BIG way. Almost without exception, when my successful weight loss faltered I’d start re-gaining to the point where I’d put on ONE AND A HALF TIMES what I’d lost. 22 stone went down to 15 stone 6 then back up to 25 stone.

I’ve still got many issues to resolve, after all I’m only here writing a blog because of the weight I’ve recently regained (and I had so genuinely thought I’d passed that hurdle to the point where it would never happen again). But the major point of difference, which I see as no small coincidence, is that since the day of our very first date I’ve never regained that initial weight back again. OK so perhaps over 50% yes, but never ever 100% and certainly not even close to my previous constant 150%.

I met my husband at my biggest ever weight (go try and compute that with your non-normal girl thinking hey ani). He liked my smile and saw past my weight. Less than 2 weeks later we were dating and I said goodbye for the very last time to 25 stone. I felt good about myself and I felt good about him. He loves me whatever size I am. He has stuck by me and supported me through the good and the bad. He accepts me at any weight but encourages my efforts to lose in a positive manner. He wants me to be happy and he knows that’s what I need to do to get there.

I was my biggest when I met him and my smallest ever adult weight when I married him.

I say all this because today’s his birthday and I want to say a huge THANK YOU with all my heart. I’m a lucky girl to have you. xx


Barefoot Pixie said...

You are doing so well! Keep it going. I can really relate to your story. Great blog. I'll be reading on!

Cammy said...

Happy Birthday to hubby! Sounds like a great guy.

Hanlie said...

Happy birthday to him! He sounds like my hubby, who met and married me when I was fat and who loves me regardless.

Big Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your husband. It sounds to me like you are both lucky.

Katschi (Karen) said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby!
Lucky him. Lucky you.

I hope I can find one like him, too :)