fresh and new

I've got that new term fresh feeling. I've had a bit of a clean up around here with a brand new look. There are a few tweaks to fix but I'm rather happy with it. All ready to venture back into the open again.

In finding the basil picture I realised I never mentioned the reasons for the ani-pesto name before. Largely in part because there is no real reason, I just love pesto and antipasto and with my name being Ani it just rolled off my tongue in some strange word association garble. It seemed to just fit; pesto is something I will often use to add flavour to my food (pesto in sandwiches, pasta or steamed veg being my faves) and that's really what I feel like I'm trying to do here - lose weight and get the flavour back into my life again.

I've had a good week and I'm pretty proud of myself. I'm being ultra careful not to let myself get in any situations where I might overeat and I'm chewing gum like my jaw's on duracell. That message on the back of the packet about excessive consumption causing laxative side effects... urm yup, I can embarrassingly state with confidence that's very true.

I've been wondering whether it's worth trying to go over what went wrong to get me in this mess again, especially when I thought I'd nipped the downward slide in the bud early last year. It's always good to learn from your own mistakes but I don't know if I have the capacity yet to understand and may instead fall into excuse-making.

Will have to ponder that further.


Cammy said...

I feel refreshed just visiting! Love the clean, orderliness of the new look.

While it's important to know what our miscues are, there's definitely an optimum time for it. Maybe now is the time to just focus on doing the right things you're doing, in order to keep yourself on track. Because you are definitely worth it!

Elsha said...

love the new look, Ani! It looks fresh!

Take One Stripper Pole said...

Hi ... just found you via Cammy's blog and talking about bras! :) Look forward to reading more.