checking in: hyc week 4

It's 9:15pm and still not dropping below 30C (86F) yet. The weather folk are predicting Melbourne's about to hit it's hottest four day streak in 100 years. Hot Hot Hot!

Tempting as it was to crack open the ice and strip off in front of the air con, I'm pleased to report we got the bikes out for a half hour's hard jaunt after work. Figured if these gals can play world class tennis in front of an audience of millions in this heat, then I've nae excuse not to have a wee pootle on the bike. I'm a long way off the fitness I'd built up last year but I'm finally starting to push myself and feel really good for it.

So weigh in time it is:

today's weight: 111kg / 245lb / 17st 7lbs
loss of: 1kg / 2.2lbs
total loss this year: 5kg / 11lbs

The end of morbidity :-)

I'm now just plain old 'obese', edging 'seriously obese' or 'onmywaytonormal' obese. teehee thanks Cammy for that one, I like it. Hope your grandmother's got the video recording, tennis has been fab tonight.

It's now over an hour after I started typing this (fab AND distracting, that tennis) so I'm off to bed for now but I look forward to popping around and seeing how everyone's doing with the HYC tomorrow.


Cammy said...

Over two pounds?! Fantastic! That pushing yourself thing is really working well. :)

Great parallel with the Open players. I did the same thing with the Olympics. If some little 14 year-old can get on a 4-inch balance beam in front of zillions of people, I supposed I could suck it up and go to the free weight area of the gym.

Keep up the great work, but don't overdo in the heat!! (says the woman sitting in the middle of an ice storm)

Hanlie said...

Well done Ani! That's a nice loss...

Good thing you watched tennis yesterday and not cricket!

ani pesto said...

thank you ladies

@Cammy - I still find it very odd to speak to my family back in the UK and hear about the snow and frozen fog while we're trying to keep cool. An ice storm sounds mighty extreme, stay safe.

@Hanlie - Ah now see cricket is a game I've never managed to follow - very un-English of me

Skinny Inside said...

Great job on the 2 pounds, and moving out of the morbid category;-) Want to swap climate with me? I could really use some warmth-it's about freezing here.

Lainie said...

You're definitely onthewaytonormal!

Snowstorm for me today (which is supposed to turn to rain--hate it when that happens). I don't envy you in the heat, though--I'd rather be cold than hot.

Big Girl said...

I hope it cools off for you. It's amazing those tennis players are playing in such heat. Have they closed the roof yet? I was watching the Roddick match the other day and the announcers said it was 130 degrees on the court and the roof was still open and my thought was sheesh! how hot does it need to be before they close it!?

ani pesto said...

thank you all for your encouragement

ooh I could have done with that snowstorm last night. We had an 8 hour power outage... no fans, no air con, no fridge (and no internet!) and one very hot Ani trying to sleep on a towel. Heading for another 110F today

I forgot to look at the roof when we drove past this morning but it was finally shut yesterday afternoon