checking in: hyc week 11

Time to HYC check in. This was the week the binge bit back and I sure am glad it's over.

today's weight: 105kg / 231.5lb / 16st 7.5lbs
loss of: 1kg / 2.2lb
total loss this year: 11kg / 24lbs

After three weeks of not moving, this really wasn't the week I expected to show any loss so this is fantastic.

Usual small print of course, you'll have realised by now I don't trust my losses until I can own them for a wee while. So finger's crossed this one's staying.

Have a great week everyone.


Mama Bear June said...

Woohoo! Keep making healthy choices and that loss will stay. :-)
Path to Health

Hanlie said...

A loss is a loss, so let's do the happy dance!

Karen said...

You should be proud of the loss! No looking for the dark cloud.
Have an awesome week!