I realised I haven't fed back on my March S.M.A.R.T.s for a while. Mainly because I also realised they weren't so smart after all.

I'd set myself some daily goals that left no wriggle room. If I missed more than a day or two's hour long training, the chances of catching up got less and less. Anything other than 100% success would be failure. D'oh! I'm a bit new at this goal setting thang.

I'm going to have a good think about some better April goals. Prolly on a similar theme, but with a tad more balance. Perhaps a target number of hours exercising for the whole month - at around 80% of a month's worth of an hour a day... ooh I could get right mathematical about this. Much better to set goals that will continually stretch me, and might stretch me even further to actually surpass. After all, the intentions behind my goals were great and as a result I have increased my exercise considerably.

Not only have I started spinning again (kilos heavier than I ever thought I would dare and loving it) but this morning I got an extra bonus. My trainer has been trying to persuade me to forsake my regular monday lie-in to get to the gym for his 7:15am boxercise class. So this morning, we got up super crazy early, got on the freeway before our eyes were barely open and made it to the gym with time enough to spare for a wake-up pre-workout skinny cap even. When I walked into the aerobics studio, I was the only one there. Result! Instead of paying a mini fortune for 30 minutes of personal training, I got 45 minutes one-on-one personal training for no extra cost on top of my regular gym membership fee.

Fingers crossed they don't cancel the class, I could be on to a winner here.


Tully said...

I think I might need some April goals too, what a good idea!

Good work on being the only person able to get up for the 7.15am workout!