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Got my earplugs and camera packed. We're off to Albert Park for the Grand Prix tomorrow - wooohoooo!

I'm super excited, I've never been to a Grand Prix before. We've been able to hear the cars from the office for the last couple of days, the anticipation is rising.

Funny really. Growing up I was the reluctant kid sister in a family full of F1 fans. Every Sunday meant a family roast in our household, very traditional, the same every week -except- when the Grand Prix was on. Family table traditions got thrown right out the window and we'd all sit in front of the telly with trays on our laps. It was quite the relief not to have to suffer the endless noise and commentary when I left. Fast forward 18 years and here I am jumping up and down with excitement to experience it all in person.

It does mean food stall temptation and no formal exercise, but I got a spin class in this morning and I'm sure there's going to be plenty of walking around the track.



The Better Idiot said...

Sounds like a fun day, have a great time!

Cammy said...

The excitement of the day will burn plenty of calories! Hope you have a wonderful time!

Miles said...
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Anonymous said...

(I hope for both our sakes that Miles sets up my computer for me tonight! lol)

Have fun chickadee! I reckon you'll get ample exercise just walking from your car to the track :D Can't wait to see the photos!


Hanlie said...

It's a dream of mine to attend an F1 Grand Prix! We used to watch them all, but this season we don't have TV, so we'll have to do without... I did manage to catch the interviews (we were at my folks').