being prepared

Another glorious summer's day. I'll say one thing for the ever changeable Melbourne weather, it is giving me a true appreciation for the perfect summer's days I began to take for granted in Perth.

Hubby and I got out for a bike ride this morning. After my spin classes I was expecting it to be a breeze but the headwind sure put pay to that. Really hard work! The way back was fun though and I really did feel like I kept up with the Mr's pace a lot better.

We're off to a wedding this afternoon - certainly a good day for it. I'm a little apprehensive about the catering. I've found a pretty good groove with my eating but (as recent events have attested) I wouldn't say it's quite sticky enough to get me through every eventuality. I can still get that panicky feeling when I've eaten something more than I'd planned and my brain clocks into binge mode. Like yesterday after work, we were at the pub for a colleague's leaving drinks and the table was overflowing with hot chips (the joys or working in a male environment). I knew if I ate one there'd inevitably be more to follow - you can't just stop at one chip. I held off until the second bowl was placed in front of me and then sure enough I ate one, which soon became two, then three and before long I'd lost count. I really didn't have many but enough that I felt uneasy and just a little out of control, no choice but to walk away and go home to the safety of a healthy pre-planned dinner.

There's no walking away from a wedding reception and no alternative home cooked meal to find solace in. Instead I need to do all I can to keep my head in a healthy place.

First thing I'm doing is volunteering to drive - alcohol-free thinking is much easier to balance. Secondly I'm planning the rest of my day's food accordingly, having a filling but calorie-light, late lunch to last me through the afternoon.

The next is just to think it though, have a mental picture of what is about to happen and what my chosen reactions will be, just like athletes do before a race. If I just dismiss my concerns "she'll be right" style, I will have failed to prepare myself for the inevitable fact that there is going to be A LOT of food and it is most likely going to be rich and delicious and I may indeed find it a little difficult.

And most of all I'm just going to keep reminding myself how well I'm doing and how worth the extra effort this will be. Just because there's going to be nice food, doesn't mean I have to eat it all. There'll be nice food again tomorrow and the next day and for many years to come. It's not going to run out.

I'll be sure to report back whatever happens.

The best part about this afternoon is that the dress code is smart casual and guess what I'll be wearing? My favourite polka dot dress! It's still a little snug, keep your fingers crossed the buttons hold out, but it fits and got the OK from hubby that it doesn't look too tight.


Cammy said...

Having a plan for managing the food side of any event is a great tool! And how much do I love that you withstood the first round of chips, enjoyed a few of the second round, and up and walked away. Kudos to you for that! (not sure I could've done it.)

Anonymous said...

You're such an inspiration! I can definitely learn from you... I usually just 'wing it' at social events and inevitably end up falling face first in a bucket of chips or sugary dessert.

Enjoy wearing that gorgeous dress and remember all the hard work and determination that got you here!

Hanlie said...

My favorite strategy for dealing with such events is to eat a filling, nutrient-dense meal, like a salad with beans or lentils, before going. That way I'm full, so the food doesn't tempt me as much. It really works for me!