all worked out

You know you've had a good tough workout when you're body and brain are such mush that you step into the shower, pour conditioner onto your hand then remember your hair isn't even wet yet, let alone shampooed - as if I could have lifted my hands high enough to reach my hair anyways.

This morning's personal training was a right good one. My trainer had a circuit all set up, weights, machines, medicine balls and a spin bike. Felt bloody good.

Speaking of which, I'm glad to report I made it to spin last night. It was good but I'd kept too much in reserve though. The leader had us all stretching which I thought was a recovery stretch before the big push into the final couple of tracks - but then we got off the bikes. Don't you just hate that? When you haven't timed your effort well enough, it's every bit as bad if you hit too hard too soon and leave nothing left.

I hope to get another spin in on the weekend. Might balance out the delicious dinner we just had out tonight - a yummy Moroccan veggie tagine which I just couldn't stop eating, long after I'd had plenty enough. For desserts hubby picked up an upside-down banana caramel cake to take home - yurrrmmmm - only to find when we got here that he hadn't been given caramel or banana at all, but sticky ginger. He hates ginger... I on the other hand LOVE it.

No surprises then that right now the giant cake in question is sitting in the bin, covered in washing detergent, with more than just a couple of mouthfuls missing. Hrmmm. Believe me it took strength to pass that one down.


Miles said...
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Anonymous said...

Argghh, I did it again!!

You're awesome! I love ginger too and would have had a very hard time convincing myself not to scoff the entire thing.

You're doing so well, Ani - you're a true inspiration. Hope you're very, very proud of yourself :) :)


JanetM97 said...

wow! good for you passing on the cake! Sounds super tasty, too. :)

I've actually never done a spinning class. It does look like such an amazing workout!

Losing Waist! said...

I am impressed that you worked out THAT hard! Great job. Oh. Even better job on the cake... !!