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The days after a binge can be such a mine field. Even when there are no anxiety or emotional triggers, the fact is, I've made a reconnection with old habitual behaviour and some habits die hard. My brain will often be in "binge mode" without reason so it can take a few days just to reconnect again with my new way of thinking.

So far so good.

Yesterday's food was relatively plain sailing. Mashed banana on toast for breakkie followed by a good dose of exercise in spin class. It was the first chap again, not the crazy french dude, but still a great workout. For lunch I had an avocado, mushroom and jarlsberg toastie and then for dinner a small lean steak with heaps of steamed veg. Some fruit and a skinny cap snacks in between for good measure. Total food goodness.

This morning I had my photography class practical. If you'd been anywhere in the Melbourne CBD you would have spotted us. We were the folk walking around en masse with cameras, tripods and puzzled looks on our faces. We really did look like tools and attracted a lot of quizzical looks and curious questions from passers by. A great morning though, it makes such a difference to have the teacher there on hand to help tell you straight away why things did or didn't work with your pictures. I'll include some of the snaps at the end for you to see.

It wasn't such a fantastic morning to be in control of my eating but I happily came out of it largely unscathed. We had coffee stops at cafes where muffins and paninis only came in XXXL sizes and wholegrains had never been seen on the premises. I stuck to just coffee. Also I hadn't thought to take any water. This meant I fell into a common trap where my brain just knows I'm craving something but hasn't quite figured out it's only water I need. Instead it sends me all sorts of "go buy food NOW" signals. We happened to be on St Kilda road right next to all the amazing smells of the Melbourne Food & Wine Festival stalls in Federation Square at the time and, despite the enticing sights and aromas of Chocolate Playground and the Cheese Market, all I purchased was a single babycake and another one to take home for the Mr. (surprisingly it actually made it the whole 33km journey home to him or else I might have had to very quickly gloss over the babycakes subject). Mine was a rhubarb and sour cream mini cup cake. Very cute and very very yummy. To compensate I then only had one cooked tuna sushi roll for lunch instead of my usual two, followed by a banana for dessert.

All under control.

photography classlesson 1: metering
lesson 2: portraiture
lesson 3: showing movement
contd.we looked so conspicuous. lol
lesson 4: panning


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your photos. Photography school looks like so much fun - it's great that they actually teach you how to take the kind of shots you'd take on holiday etc as well as those beatiful still life shots!

And so glad to hear you sounding a little happier, too :) Well done on being so in control... it sounds like you faced plenty of challenges today!


Losing Waist! said...

Those are fantastic pictures. It is so cool to see someone following a passion. I am excited for you!

It is hard to make a comeback from a mistake (binge or whatever)- I spend a lot of time in the shame battle...

I have been so impressed with your introspective posts... I think you are doing really well with all of this.

Elsha said...

Love the pics! Looks like so much fun :)

I am glad that your day has been more in control. Well done!

kathrynoh said...

Great photos. I'm sure you weren't nearly as conspicuous as you felt, cos people are always doing photo shots in the city. People prolly just wondered if it was for some slick magazine or something.

The babycake sounds awesome :D

Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! This sounds so fun, although I'm sure it's a lot of work!
You asked about the space needed to do the Shred workout: well, it's really something you can do even if you don't have a lot of room. I highly recommend it!

Hanlie said...

I LOVE the photo's! Well done, you've got a good eye!