pip pip

It's a gorgeous late summer's day here in Melbourne and my new-found fab coffee shop ($8.50 for coffee and organic toast with honey - thank cripes it was worth it... hubby, you didn't read that. I would *never* waste that much money on coffee and toast darling) was handing out free apples this morning.

It's going to be a grand day.

To top it off, the infuriating chap whose been causing me so much stress on this latest project, is conspicuously absent today. Happy happy day.


Cammy said...

Here's hoping annoying chap takes the rest of the week off! :)

Cinders said...

I love it when an annoying workmate is away, it's like it's Friday everyday.

Big Girl said...

sounds like a really good day to me. hope you enjoyed every minute of it.

Hanlie said...

Wow, you sound upbeat! Hope you had a great day!