spinning and shaking

I weighed in the last couple of nights at 106.2kg again, not only is that up, but it's where I was over a week and a half ago. This won't do at all. I've got things to do, clothes to fit into and goodness to feel.

Yesterday I was practically apologetic about how small those goals were. But already, at goals+1 day, I started the morning with complex head-gymnastics talking myself out of into exercising. Lots of umm-ing and ahh-ing, bargaining with myself that it wouldn't matter if I didn't get to that 9:30am spin class as I could just get a ride on my bike later - in full sight of the dark grey clouds overhead - kidding myself.

In the middle of my to-ing and fro-ing my Mum called from England to find out about the cryptic earthquake message I'd left her last night. Seriously! We had an earthquake here in Melbourne last night. Graded 4.7 - the whole house shook and everything rattled - scary but in hindsight way exciting, I'd never experienced an earthquake before. Anyways, I'd forgotten I'd made the mistake wise choice to mention in my message when not to call because I'd be out at the gym. So there it was, no choice but to go, with my conscience on the other end of the phone I had to zip it, get into my trackies and trot off to the gym....

Way to go post-gym smugness ;-)

I tried out the local branch of the gym I go to at work. It's located at a footy stadium, the treadmills overlook the ground, huge cycle studio, right fresh and fancy. I was a tad apprehensive, this was my first spin class for over a year, but it all came good. I worked my little heart out and streamed with sweat. Felt like nothing had changed, I'm back baby!

The bikes were different so I couldn't compare whether the resistance was that much lower than it used to be (probably a good thing), the only difference and slight downside was when we had to hold on to the back of our saddles for a chest stretch at the end. I put my hands down around my butt but needed a search party to locate the saddle under all my blubber, couldn't even get my fingertips near it. Hey ho, I'll get there soon enough.

Picked up a skinny cap treat on the way home and felt fantastic. I'm even considering going again tomorrow.

exercise: ü
water: ü
sleep: ü


Hanlie said...

Well done! I had to laugh at the "complex head gymnastics" as I was just engaging in them myself a minute or two ago!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh yes, I know the head gymnastics routine well! :) It's always infuriating but good when a circumstance comes up (like your mum's phone call) that forces you to go! Good on you chickadee :)

I've only attempted a spin class once, and I nearly died. Will save that for a few kilos down the track, I think!


ani pesto said...

So funny hey - you *always* feel better after, almost without exception, yet sometimes it can be a ridiculous effort to talk yourself into it.

Miss M - the first time I did spin I was about 12 kilos lighter than I am now. I'd told myself this time around I'd leave it till I was back to that weight to try it again. I'm so glad I didn't. I reckon go for it - it's such a fab workout (and yes I admit, I am freshly afterglowing so I'm buzzing a bit at the mo so I feel like spin's biggest evangelist)