checking in: hyc week 13

HYC weigh-in as promised.

today's weight: 102.8kg / 226.5lb / 16st 2.5lbs
loss of: 1.3kg / 3lb
total loss this year: 13.2kg / 29lbs

Very happy with that.

...and I'd have been even more unquestionably stoked if the doc's scales hadn't gawn and said 101.3kg this arvo gah! An extremely pleasant surprise that turned out to be a bit of a false promise. Silly isn't it, how the glimmer of something even better takes the teeniest edge off of something already great. So let's forget what her silly scales said and be happy with mine.

Have a great week everyone.


The Better Idiot said...

That's such a good loss! Well done! (tell me your secrets, my scale is still being stubborn)

Anonymous said...

It's your scale that counts! ;-) That is a great loss, you're a machine!!

Mama Bear June said...

Sweet! I lost 3 lbs this week, too. Doesn't it feel WONDERFUL!?
Path to Health

Anonymous said...

Yayyy, well done lovely! :) Looks like you've well and truly made it out of your little slump. You rock, girl!

Looking forward to seeing you tonight :)


Cammy said...

Great loss! I don't care what the doctor's scale says. :)

AlleyCat said...

Hi Ani, good to have met you! Catching up on your blogg at the mo!
Cheers, Cat