caffeine ani

I'm very stressed at work, I've also got a heap of blogs to catch up on and I've got the strongest feeling there's something I've forgotten to do.

I've no idea what it is.

There's a little voice inside my head inviting me to consider the possibility I've forgotten to eat. Or, tempting me with the alternative suggestion that eating will help me to relax my mind not to worry about the stress, the quick way to forget my worries about whatever it is I've forgotten.

This little devil's smart, it has an answer for everything and it's somehow always in the shape of food.

Well, I haven't forgotten to eat. I just had my breakfast and my skinny cap (do you spot a coffee theme, I really should have called myself "Caffeine Ani"). And for once I'm in a place of calmness and control. I'm able to watch this little devil up to it's little tricks, to see it for what it is and chose not to play along.

So little devil, you quick witted cheeky little scamp you, get back into your cave. I'm running the show today and I've got everything under control. OK well not *everything*, work is still all over the place but the catering is definitely all in hand.


JanetM97 said...

we share a love of pesto AND caffeine. :) Good work with the devil. lol. That sounds funny.

Anonymous said...

Hi lovely! Hehehe, this post made me smile. I hope the little annoying devil stayed banished all day -- you certainly gave him a good talking to! I find it really hard to resist comfort eating when work is stressful, too... especially with a vending machine only 50m away... sigh. Almost the weekend, though... hooray!

Hanlie said...

You go, girl!