dinky doo


Do you ever have a moment when you suddenly stop and take a real good look at yourself? And I'm not talking flab roll-count in the mirror here.

My husband had such a moment yesterday.

"I've become a f*&$ing yuppy" he exclaimed in horror.

Let me paint you the picture: We'd arisen at 6am, fed our two cats and left our rental house in the burbs dressed in our workout clothes. We slid our work laptops and gym bags into whatever available space we could find in the back of our 4WD car, the back seats removed to allow us to carry around our new bikes down to the riverside cycle path. We hit the freeway and thankfully arrived in the city early enough to be able to sit down in a Southbank cafe for a latte and toasted banana bread for breakfast, before finally heading upstairs to meet our personal trainers at the gym.

This wasn't the man my husband thought he'd become.

I had to laugh.

After my shower I booted up my laptop to see his messenger status read "OMG I'm a DINK FYS" (Double Income No Kids.. the F you can guess Yuppy Scum)

This was even worse than the day he'd found himself in Gap three-quarter-length pants at Ikea.

I reassured him his fears were quite unfounded, he's unlikely to be the object of a yuppy mistaken identity. After all, the gym bag in question is a beat up old Army Surplus green duffel and when not in the car, his bike is stored safely in the garage next to the ultimate bogan king chariot ride - his '71 HG Monaro - the most fantastic old Aussie muscle car you ever did see. His wedding vows were spoken while standing proud footed in his freshly polished Doc Martin boots. An AC/DC t-shirt is often to be found hanging majestically on the washing line and his headwear of choice is a crumpled old beat up kangaroo leather akubra.

So while my beloved bogan husband is horrified to see the effect this new active lifestyle is having on his reputation, me, on the other hand, I'm rather delighted to be transforming into an active city gal about town. Charlotte and Miranda eat your hearts out, Ani's in town (I'd have said Carrie, but we never did see her in the gym did we?)


HopeFool said...

I drive a decked-out Honda minivan around the suburban village where I live, garden, parent and volunteer at the school and church. Of course I have had these moments!

They happen to the best of us.

At least he still has the cool hat. My husband had one when we met and I threw his away. (It was so dirty!)

JanetM97 said...

too funny! Your morning sounds great- lol and good for you working out together. Gotta get my dh to the gym. :0)

Hanlie said...

I really enjoyed this post! I don't think one of us is the person we thought we'd become, or living the way we thought we'd live.

Anonymous said...

hehehe, very funny! Your morning sounds lovely. I wish I could convince my man to exercise with me!

Cammy said...

LOL Fun and funny post! Tell hubby he doesn't have anything to worry about until he highlights his hair and starts getting manicures. :)