checking in: hyc week 6

What a week. The bushfires are still burning, 181 are known to have died with more expected. Thankfully we're safe and sound and though we can see the smoke in the distance, we're still a good way away from the fires. It was a sobering realisation that the beauty in the crimson red sunsets we had admired was down to all the ash in the air.

Everyone seems to be pulling together to do all that they can. Many employers (including mine) are matching all staff donations to the Red Cross Appeal dollar for dollar as well as hosting mobile blood donation units. People are so eager to help out, in amidst all the horror stories are equally amazing stories of heroism and generosity.

Thank you for your comments to my post on Sunday. The unfolding tragedy certainly put many things into proportion but you're right, it doesn't remove from the importance of looking after my own health.

I continued to count calories for the next couple of days - 1511 on Monday, 1470 today - I'm still surprised how low the numbers have been but we didn't eat out once or have any big meals or treats in this time. I'm happy though that counting for a few days has given me the reassurance that my instincts are pretty good so I'm not going to bother, it'll be there for me the days when I need a bit of an accountability check. Exercise-wise has been a little down on last week, 3 personal training sessions and an hour's bike ride on Saturday but I didn't do a thing on Sunday and today all I managed was once around the hilly block on the bike. It's only about 4km but left me wheezing with lungs full of cold air - haven't conquered it yet but I'll get there.

Bit of a highlight at the gym yesterday. Any Aussies and Brits out there who remember Henry from Neighbours or the sing it once and it gets stuck in your brain f-o-r-e-v-e-r tune "Hey Mona" will know who I'm talking about when I tell you I got all hot and sweaty with a minor celebrity. Well not exactly *with* but I did stare at the poor guy like a loon as I worked out at the next bench along from him.

Anyways, to business, HYC check in day:

today's weight: 109.8kg / 242lb / 17st 4lbs
loss of: 0.5kg / 1lb
total loss this year: 6.2kg / 14lbs

I have to admit I'm pretty disappointed, but that's most likely just my impatience talking. A loss is a loss, I reassure as much to others, would appear I need to learn it for myself.

As a parting thought, I'm getting increasingly irked by FatBlaster's sponsorship of The Biggest Loser and watching previous contestant Marty hail the meal replacement products as "the easy way to lose weight". After all the effort learning to do it the healthy OK perhaps a little faster than healthy way, it seems so wrong to hear him say that.


Skinny Inside said...

1 pound down is great! Especially since you've lost 14 in what...5 or 6 weeks? That's great progress~keep it up!

Keep yourself safe with those bush fires. My thoughts are with you, and your neighbors.

Losing Waist! said...

My parents live in Southern California right smack dab in the middle of where the fires burn every year. Last year was particularly bad with the biggest fire yet burning within 50 yards of their house. The wind changed right in time to save their block from burning but houses a block away got burned down. The county evacuated 725,000 people during that fire. The hardest thing on them is the fast and furious nature of these fires.

Because of the unpredictability of a fire it is hard to feel safe if you are within smelling distance. I hope that you are okay during this time. I am pretty impressed that during this time you are keeping your eating in check! I know for me it is easy to zone out in front of the TV and eat while watching the chaos.

I hope you keep things moderate during this time. Please keep us updated that you are safe and if it gets any closer!

Cammy said...

A pound is good (but we always want more, right?). You're moving in the right direction.

Claudelle's Weight Challenge said...

Awww that is so sad about the fires. Well done on the loss, hope you have a fabulous week.

Big Girl said...

I thought about you when I heard about the fires and glad you are (currently) safe from the fires, I hope it stays that way.

Hanlie said...

You're really doing great!

The horror of those fires is unimaginable!

The big thing with TBL is that it's a totally unrealistic show. The contestants literally starve themselves and do not learn valuable take-home lessons about eating properly. They just want to beat the scale every week! It's all about ratings and not enough abut health.

Tully said...

Seeing Henry from Neighbours would totally excite me!!!

That fat blaster spornsorship irks me too, it just makes me feel like all they care about is getting sponsorship money and not at all with sending a good message or helping people.

ani pesto said...

Thank you for your concern, we're still very safe. Although we're right on the outskirts near the Dandenong Ranges, we're still suburbia and surrounded more by fields than bush. The smell of smoke is back in the air again today but I think everything is getting back under control.

@Tully - I'm unashamedly sad when it comes to celebrities, however A or Z list they are. So glad you understand. ;-)