happy snapping


Just when I really started to take to this healthy eating and active lifestyle again, I've taken my eye off the ball and found a new hobby to focus all my attention on. I went to my first photography class last night and as a result my eagerness to get home from work and go out on my bike was replaced instead with an overwhelming desire to paparazzi my cats.

I haven't done any exercise whatsoever. Second time this week without any. The furthest I walked today is approximately half the length of the car park from the lift. It's not a habit I want to let myself get into, so I need to find some balance. I'm sure there's plenty of space in my life for two obsessions.

The photography course is going to be fantastic. I must admit though, I thought I'd turn up each week, fanny about a bit with a camera and as-if-by-magic become a master photographer. Turns out it might be a little bit more difficult, and certainly more technical, than that. It's going to be great to meet and get to know a few more people too. Moving to a new city in the midst of a downward spiral has done nothing for my social life. I've been here coming up to nine months and it's a shocking admission, but I haven't made a single friend yet. All my self-confidence left me at about the same rate as obesity re-found me.

Part of the course will include portrait photography. I haven't checked out the timetable but I'm hoping it's towards the end, I could do with a few more weeks of healthy eating and healthy thinking before I face the prospect of having my photo taken and my image scrutinised. I know it'll be the quality of the photograph we're supposed to be looking at but you can bet you're backside it's not what I'll be focusing on if I'm not careful.

Tomorrow morning I have my regular personal training session in the gym with or without ex-soap stars. Craig mysteriously disappeared, something to do with a mad, sweaty lunatic woman stalking him perhaps? and then I can continue my new found photography mission, guilt-free in my lunch hour. This week is going to be all about balance.


kathrynoh said...

The course sounds fun. Have you thought of multitasking and take the camera out on your walks?

ani pesto said...

I have, I'm planning on taking the camera when we cycle at the weekend. I think I need to get a backpack for it though as my back starts to ache with the single shoulder strap (it's hardly a great weight but still)

Big Girl said...

Your photography class/hobbie sound wonderful. it's so healthy to have a creative outlet to express yourself with. goodluck with the balancing act... isn't that always the challenge with everything?

The Better Idiot said...

You're class sound fun, I hope it goes well for you. I think the trick with exercise is finding something you enjoy and fits into your schedule easily, that's the only reason the bike is working so well for me. It's easier to sit on it and do stuff then try to find a place to sit around it and watch tv. I think taking your camera on a walk is definitely a step towards that!

Losing Waist! said...

HA! I can't stop taking pictures of my animals either! Really. They are so funny and give the best poses. It is nice that you have something fun going on beside the day to day health/weight loss stuff. I know that going back to school has given me a rest from the obsession.


Cammy said...

What a gorgeous picture! I'd say you're well on your way to "master class".

As far as missing exercise, I think that doing something that brings you great joy is every bit as important. You're excited about the photography and that increases your heart rate, which is really, really good. It's all about the balance, I guess.

Hanlie said...

First of all, your cat is gorgeous! I like the picture too!

Good luck with the photography, but don't let it consume so much that you neglect your first priority, which is to get back into shape!