checking in: hyc week 7

HYC check in day. It's another weigh and run I'm sorry to say. 10:20pm already, I just finished my work for the night and really need to go to bed. Tomorrow it's up at 6am for the gym, then week two of my photography course straight after work, home on the train somewhere about 10pm.

today's weight: 108kg / 238lb / 17st
loss of: 1.8kg / 4lb
total loss this year: 8kg / 17.5lbs

Fab! I'm a tad curious to see if it's not just a dehydrated downward blip, as it's nearly a kilo less than the scales told me yesterday. I'll give them a second chance tomorrow and then that's it, I'm claiming it ;-)

Hope everyone's having a great week. I'm all behind on my blog reading again, I like to catch up in my lunch hour but when I'm at a client's site it's not so easy to be seen to surf on the clock. Hope to have a wee sneak around to visit you all tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Excellent job :-)

Shauna said...

woohoo! you are going great guns! :)

Hanlie said...

Well done on the loss! You're doing great!

The Better Idiot said...

Awesome loss, have a great week!

ani pesto said...

thank you

scales were up to 108.3 last night but that's nowt so I reckon I'm still counting it :-)