A fabulously lazy and stress-free Saturday. It's a good job I made it up for spin class this morning, because ever since then I've barely ventured further away from the comfort of my sofa than the kitchen. Ani, you sloth!

Such a lazy Saturday, in fact it feels more like a Sunday. We even had our traditional Sunday pancakes this morning, and what a palaver that was. Living with our cats is like having dogs who not only beg, but can get up onto the counters. One's busy distracting me with his offensive on the pancake mix while the other sneaks in behind to get his face right into my coffee. I thought cats were supposed to be fussy!

I've been trying on clothes again. The pink floral dress I'd flagged as being next in reach, finally fits. Full-on future girliness awaits. My suit jackets are just about there and I can even do up one of the pairs of trousers, but it'll be a couple of kilos more before they actually look flattering.

It does feel amazing to fit back into my smaller clothes, but what I'm most excited about is the day when I can start throwing out my bigger ones again. I have a small bag of my hugest monstrosities set aside (size 30 jeans, size 28 tops) for goal-day comedic value, but apart from that everything else has gone to Good Sammy's.

Despite my recent clothesless weight-gain year, I fully intend to continue this endeavour. There's absolutely no reason for keeping my fat clothes. If I let myself rely on the knowledge there's a safety net ready to catch me, I'd be giving myself permission to take my eyes off the trapeze.

Oh and the reason for my lack of stress....?



Shauna said...

Document done! YEAH BABY! You can almost smell the relief in every pixel. Well done with the pink floral dress :)

Hanlie said...

Yay for a stress-free weekend! Enjoy!

Elsha said...

Woooohoooo!!!! Sounds like a very stress free day! Congrats on getting the document done!

wildfluffysheep said...

:( I've been in sloth mode since thursday... not good!

m..mmm Pancakes! *drools*

Kudos on the clothes front! I look forward to the day I can give up my fat clothes.

kathrynoh said...

Lazy days are good :D And that's such a cute dress -- lucky the weekend laid on some sunny weather especially!

Cammy said...

Wow, you've just got good news all over the place, don't you? Congrats on ALL of it, especially that pesky document.

Cats who like pancakes? You should really film that. :)

The Better Idiot said...

I demand pictures!

Miss Milo said...

What a pretty dress :) I bet it looks gorgeous on you! Well done chickadee :)

I have some 'fat' clothes I need to get rid of, too... next time you do a Good Sammies trip, can I come along? :) Maybe we can celebrate afterwards with a skinny cap!