dog cats and reservations


I've just gotten back from spin class, (no Aicha today but still plenty of Phil Collins and a spot of Jai Ho thrown in for good measure) picking up a skinny cap on the way home of course. As I drove up the road, one of our cats recognised the car from a few doors down and ran full pelt up to the house, he knows how to make a girl feel loved hey.

The other cat was waiting at the door. He followed me in, watched patiently as I took the lid off my takeaway coffee, then pounced to get to the froth left on it. Having removed the lid from his reach, I finished my coffee and made a start with the laundry, only to hear suspicious noises coming from the next room. Our caffeine addled cat had climbed completely into the bin under the desk, trying to fit his whole face into the empty coffee cup to lick the very last dregs.

Our boys have issues.

They seriously don't know they're cats. One of them even plays fetch. He proudly brings his bouncy ball back to us and even drops it on the floor at our feet ready to throw it again. There are slight cat tendencies involved though, in that he'll only do it when *he's* in the mood and certainly not when we want to show him off to other people. He likes to make the point that he's not here for *our* amusement.

We can't leave muffins or cake cooling on the counter. The time they helped themselves to the defrosting sausages my husband had been looking forward to all day was certainly one to remember.

But enough about the cats, they get far too much attention as it is in our household. I intended to write about something entirely different. I've been having a lot of thoughts recently that all seem to have a common theme - my emotional reserve, both conscious and subconscious. I've come to realise just how much I struggle to let myself dream or feel good about my achievements and I think I need to learn.

I've tried to write about it for a while, but it's all been such a mess of tangled ideas that I've found too hard to unjumble. I started on the subject in this post but it became extremely long - no, really Ani? so unlike you - so I think I'll break it into a couple of entries over the next couple of days. I'm not sure where I'll go with it, but it feels important for me to find out.


JanetM97 said...

my girls really want a cat. I'm wavering. Dh really doesn't want to get one. You know when you're used to NOT having a pet to worry about. but, I've been seeing a lot of cat cuteness in the blogshere lately (like on your blog). :)

Hanlie said...

My cats are my life! They amuse and entertain me so much and I just love it when they come for a cuddle, staring at me with such adoration.

Mine drink our barleygrass juice and it really has made them very healthy. I don't have a problem with them getting to our food, because from Day 1 they've never been allowed anything other than their own food. No treats, no exceptions. They don't see the other stuff as food.

It's amazing how they can recognize our cars, even in a busy road.

ani pesto said...

@JanetM97 - it does make a difference, I couldn't imagine being without our boys but it does mean we can't just take off for the weekend and we always have to get home to feed them. They do make up for it in the cuteness factor though :-)

@Hanlie - oh how I wish ours didn't see it as food either. In the 5 years they've lived with us, we've never fed them anything other than cat food in their own bowls, no treats and never on demand. Hasn't seemed to make any difference with our cheeky little darlings.

Miss Milo said...

Did I tell you about the time Blackie started nibbling on a whole roast chicken... off our neighbour's bench?!? Now THAT was embarrassing!

Your wee fleabags sound and look so adorable and I can't wait to meet them!

Looking forward to reading your posts when you have another chance to collect your thoughts :)

wildfluffysheep said...

My dog (back at family home) has cat tendencies. Yep. Love it.

Looking forward to the next couple of posts and your insights on the emotional reserve.

Cammy said...

Your cats are kind of making me want to adopt, but I'll resist the urge for now. Too much traveling in my immediate future.

Writing about your hopes and dreams is an excellent way to get them sorted out!

ani pesto said...

@Miss M - OMG! What did you do? Did they see the funny side at all?