checking in: hyc week 18

HYC weigh in day already:

today's weight: 98.9kg / 218lb / 15st 8lbs
loss of: 0.1kg / 0.2lb - i.e. "nothing"

total loss this year: 17.1kg / 37.7lbs

Can't pretend to be overjoyed with that. My eating has been close to healthy-heaven perfection all week, and on the exercise front I can report 3 personal training sessions, 2 spin classes and 1 walk in the park.

The thing is, in between all those 30 - 45 minute intense bursts of energy, the rest of my days have been nothing short of sedentary. It's a 10 metre walk to the car, then probably no more than 100 metres from our parking space to my desk. Where I've sat ALL day ALL week. I'm on the 7th floor and can't even take the stairs without setting off the emergency alarms.

I've recorded what I've eaten and exercised for the last six or seven weeks religiously. This week's calories and formal exercise are almost identical to previous weeks where I've lost a kilo or more. So where's the difference?

How about all the incidental exercise I don't note? Walking to client meetings, meeting my man for lunch, walking to his office after work on a Friday, running errands, shopping and household chores. Haven't really done any of the above this week. And of course there's my stress levels - high - and sleep levels - low.

And this is where the GoWear fit comes into the picture. Yes indeed, I bit the bullet and ordered one. Woooohoooo! It's going to tell me e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g. How many calories I'm burning in my workouts as well as in general everyday life, how many steps I've taken, even how much quality sleep I'm getting. Cannae wait for the number crunching to begin!

In the meantime, while I'm waiting for it to arrive, for the coming week I'm going to concentrate on the incidentals - going for a walk at lunch, taking the stairs (where I can) and going back on the cardio equipment after my weights sessions.

Have a great week everyone.

update: "Can't pretend to be overjoyed with that." Why do I do that? Why can't I just be honest and say "I'm pissed!". It doesn't change anything, I know I'm doing really well, I know I'm not going to let it derail me, I know it's not all about the numbers. I'm still allowed to admit I'm not happy about it.


Hanlie said...

I understand your frustration, but it's all part of the journey! Wishing you all the best for the week ahead!

Fat[free]Me said...

Grrr, pesky scales - that was a lot of exercise, so maybe it is a case of keeping you on your toes. The stress/sleep factor probably does have a lot to do with it as well.

Good luck with the incidentals - I will have to try that too!

Mama Bear June said...

Moving throughout the day can really help keep your metabolism going. Sometimes it's just little things and you can always do stretching and clenching at your desk. ;-)

And yeah, get mad at the scale. Jump up and down and yell at it. That'll burn a few calories, too! LOL
Path to Health

Miss Milo said...

You're perfectly entitled to be pissed, Ani. I would be after all that effort!

Weight loss gurus always seem to bang on about the importance of incidental exercise, so you're probably spot on there. Also, I've read HEAPS about the effect stress has on weight loss. Can't remember the specifics but it's all very scientific! Maybe you'll need to join me in listening to crazy hippy meditation CDs? (Still haven't done it yet!)

Anyway, so sorry to hear the scales weren't nice this week. It sounds like you haven't let it throw you off the rails, though, which is a definite positive! Well done chicky :)

Looking forward to seeing you on Sat!


Sheryl said...

I'm with you, I want this weight to just fall off. I need to learn to be patient.

The Better Idiot said...

You've lost a lot recently, maybe your body just needs some time. Also (I'm sure you're doing this but just in case) don;t forget to recalculate your calories for you're new lower weight. With all the exercise you're getting this probably won't matter, but if you're eating the same as previous weeks when you were heavier that may explain it.

AlleyCat said...

Are you doing weights in your PT sessions? Are you building muscle this week?? Fluid retention??

Womens bodies are amazing & change when you least expect them & remain the same when you dont. Don't stress, you done yourself a favour by eating clean & exercising - you cant measure the impact on your innards :0)

Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

wildfluffysheep said...

I totally understand the disappointment at the small loss. Its sucks when the scale doesn't reflect what you expect. *hugs*

I have been pretty sedentary this week. I hope to step it up....

ani pesto said...

I am doing weights, but I have been for a while so there shouldn't have been any big muscle gain this week. I've been really good with my water and my ankles aren't swelling (as they often do) so I don't think it's fluid retention.

You're right though, I did everything right for my body and it will thank me for it, even if it doesn't do so in scale numbers :-)

It'd better move next week though or we'll be having words!