the best laid plans

Wasn't I supposed to be increasing incidental exercise, decreasing stress and increasing sleep?

So far it's a big "wah wah oops" on all three. Oh and water and formal exercise have fallen by the wayside for good measure.

Yesterday I had to fly to Sydney to back-fill on a project at the 11th hour. If it wasn't enough recovering from the upset and stress of Wednesday, Thursday brought with it a whole new gamut of emotions. There are a lot of clients and projects who've just lost their key people and those of us remaining will have to pull together for a while. Call it survivor guilt if you will, but I spent the whole day feeling like I'm about to get found out at any minute for being not up to par; that everyone's going to wish it had been my name on Wednesday's list. I just felt really inadequate.

I'll be back in Sydney all next week and then for the fortnight after that the next job is in Perth. The knock on effect of this is I've had to cancel all my personal trainer sessions at the gym, I'll be eating hotel and cafe food for three weeks and my stress-levels have soared, not only due to the pressure of this project and the awkwardness of replacing someone who's been made redundant, but also because the Sydney job has stolen all my much needed preparation time for the next one. Very very stressed!

How's this for spooky though? Turns out my body clock keeps perfect time.

The night before Sydney, I didn't get to bed until some time around 11pm having spent most of the evening trying to get a rental application together, hey, when life's not complicated enough, why not add a house move into the mix? I'd set my alarm for 4am (*yikes*) but in my fuzzy-headedness I didn't notice it was only set to go off on Saturday and Sunday. Now I don't normally wake up at all throughout the night. I'm a sound sleeper, right through, no bathroom breaks or anything. Yet on the morning I needed it, I woke up on the dot of 4am!! No alarm. Spooky huh?!

I may be a little bit scarce (blogging and reading) for the next three weeks. I'll do my best to check-in when I can. With all the hotel food, stress and lack of exercise opportunity I'm surely going to need it, plus I've missed you all the last few days of blog-silence.

p.s. nearly forgot - major NSV in the midst of all this - on the flight to Sydney I sat in the middle seat of three, reasonably comfortably and with plenty of seatbelt to spare. Result! When I fly again on Monday I must remember to try out the fold-down table. I'll be sure to report back.


wildfluffysheep said...

Major hugs! The job stuff sounds super stressful, missus. I hope things calm soon. I would have a nervous break down if that happened to me.

Kudos on your alarm abilities lol.
Hey don't worry too much abotu blogging you seem like you're gonna have shit loads on your plate...

*super high fives* to the nsv! kudos on the flying victory.

bekkles said...

Hey Ani,

I'm a Perth girl. Do you run? Would you like to catch up for a run/walk around the bridges while you're here or something equally healthy?
Let me know!

The Better Idiot said...

congrats on the plane! One of the things I'm looking forward to at Christmas is being able to fit in the seats with room to spare so I can be comfortable. I don;t have any plans to fly until then so I have no way of gauging my progress in terms if comfort until then though.

Hanlie said...

Thinking of you! This all sounds very stressful... Remember to take care of YOU!

Shauna said...

goodness me what a lot to have on your plate... sounds bloody stressful. hang in there comrade and good luck with all that travel. and yay for the comfy seat :)

Ashwee said...

Hey ther Ani... Hope it all goes well for you..

Just a reminder though that you do not HAVE to eat hotel food. A quick trip to the supermarket for some essentials should help you have the basis of a controlled plan... I know it takes a little more energy but you are going to be needing to somewhat restrict your calories if you aren't able to do the exercise your body is used to. So make sure most of the food you eat is worth the calories... what I mean is try to choose the most densely nutritious foods for the calories..

Good luck!


Tully said...

When I travel for work and I am being healthy (can't say this happens all the time!) I buy supplies from the supermarket. It sounds like you will be busy, but I am sure you can make some good choices from the room service menu. Be kind to yourself over the next few weeks and don't stress out if your eating isn't 100%, sometimes life gets in the way.

Also, great work on the NSZ- I had the opposite happen this week, I got the middle seat and felt like a fat pig. I hope to get back to your position soon! :-)

Good luck with work!!!

Fat[free]Me said...

Bah, that does sound stressful - do your best to eat healthily and grab some "you" time for a walk or more if you can.

Will miss you, so hurry back!

Miss Milo said...

Hey lady,

I feel for you with everything going on... what a stressful time!

Remember that it wasn't you who was given the boot last week, and that means your company really values you and your input. It's so hard when you feel completely unprepared and incompetent, but you wouldn't be trusted to do these jobs if your manager didn't feel you were up to it. I know it's hard to remember that sometimes, especially when you have little time to prepare yourself... you poor thing!

Best of luck dealing with being away. Hope the hotels you're staying at at least have gyms!

Oh, and well done on the NSV. You rock!


ps. Looking forward to hearing the no doubt GOOD news re the rental property! :)