fickle minded child

It's only a few hours after my glory post and I'm feeling shit. I had my healthy dinner... followed by a couple of slices of toast I really didn't need, weighed myself to be the same as yesterday (well duh, of course you will be you know by now to weigh weekly and not daily stoopid) and now I want to delete my blog, forget any of this hopeful shit ever happened and go binge my heart out.

Why do my moods flit in such a fickle way?

And jeepers if I do stay and this continues we're in for a thrilling blog full of inspiration and insight... "I binged".... "I didn't binge".... "I want to binge".... "I binged".... "I didn't binge".... dull dull dull! I'm an intelligent lass I'm not entirely sure how my life got reduced to this.


Lady G said...

Ani I hope you do stay! I'm glad I'm not the only one who gets excited about going so well eating/exercise wise, then it all goes pear shaped, then you have a tiny win, then it goes even more pear shaped!
I know it's disappointing but try to be kind to yourself!

ani said...

Thank you so much for your encouragement Lady G.

Wow it's wonderful to know someone's out there! All the more reason to keep me accountable. So far another good day, I intend to stay and see this through. I haven't kept a journal since I was a teenager so I'm intrigued to know what I'll discover through this.