ani checking in

I just got home from having my left buttock massaged by an intimidatingly pretty and slim blonde physio; a most surreal end to a working Tuesday.

Anyhoo, business first - it's my first official HYC weigh-in day!

I'm normally an end-of-the-night weigher. It seems oddly perverse to some but I like to record my weight at the very BIGGEST it might possibly be for the day.

Bear with me, there's method to my madness.

See if I only record the highest figure of the day I'll never have the let down of a false positive, never catch myself after a morning weigh-in elation standing on a scale one late afternoon and be gutted by an unexplained rise. OK so there's plenty chance I might be gutted by an explained rise... explained by chocolatey goodies and niceness but the potential for unexplained rises should be minimised. I've never been one of those gals who run from the WW queue to pee every last drop her body will relinquish before stepping on the scale. My fella might put this down to my pessimism, I call it strategic thinking.

Reason I'm telling you is today I just couldn't wait till the end of the day, not even till after dinner, I'm all too excited to post my first HYC figure and get this baby underway:

today's weight: 97.3 kg / 15 st 4 lb / 214lbs
loss of: 1.7kg / 3 3/4 lbs

I'm pretty happy with that :-)

I find it hard to be *too* happy about a loss re-run. This very same kilo already left my butt a few months ago, but it's for sure a good start and not one to be scoffed at.

I'm actually quite excited about getting back to where I was and taking this journey to its well deserved end. I've got a new found enthusiasm, largely due to all the inspiring blogs I've discovered this last week. I can't wait to get back into the gym just as soon as my back's stopped screaching in pain

[woooah!... I'm just going to have to pause to take in that sentence - ani of old would never have proclaimed happy anticipation of *any* form of gruelling exercise. It's the little things like this I've just got to be happy for; I'm certainly a changed woman however bad this recent up-turn has been]

Another noticeable change was with that massage I mentioned. It seems the problem with my back is nothing other than a spot of joint stiffness and muscle spasm, best treated with some manipulation and massage.

I lay on that table with my bum in the air, the physio pushing my spine to a point I felt sure it would snap and we just chatted about what we've got on for the weekend as if it were the most normal occurrence (which I'm sure for her it was).

Right there in the middle of it as she was hand kneading goo into my buttock it occurred to me that just a few years ago not only would I not have dared see a physio if I had back pain - aches and pains were my lot in life as a lard ass, the price I paid for being a blimp and one I should suffer quietly, no one wants to hear the fat girl whinge about being fat silly woman - but if, by some miracle, I had gone and found myself in that same position I would have been excruciatingly ashamed and embarrassed to have anyone touch my repugnant flesh - I would have felt almost apologetic to the poor pretty lass to defile her pretty hands in such a way.

I'm glad I know that's crazy thinking now and I'm glad my back massage is going to speed up my return to the gym to spur on this weightloss mission.

Good luck to all the rest of you HYC peeps!


Anonymous said...

1.7kg! FANTASTIC. I love your non scale victory as well... you are doing great. :) Have a wonderful week and keep smiling!

Lynn said...

sounds great! Good work!

Welcome to the healthy you challenge, this is a really great group of people!

Holly said...

What a great week you had! Congratulations on your loss... and I'll admit that I did snicker a little that you had your butt massaged. Don't think I could do that! But hey, glad it made you feel better! LOL Welcome to the HYC!!

ani said...

thank you everyone for your support :-)

holly - twas an odd position to be in for sure, I must add I was still fully clothed with my skirt and knicks pulled slightly down, I'm still waaaaay off the mark in confidence to have a full body massage but I'm glad I've come a long way

Cammy said...

Welcome to the HYC! You sure had a great week!

I think I'm going to add a butt massage to my reward list. :)

Keep up the great work!

Sam said...

Wow, it sounds like you're doing so well! Weight-wise and emotional-wise. Good for you!!

Welcome to the challenge and have a GREAT week!