not run away

Quickly popping by to say I haven't run away. Sorry for my prolonged absence. The work hiatus is yet to subside, I'm still eagerly waiting to get the "life" part of my work/life balance back.

The Perth job is finished, well not actually "finished" I'll be spending my long weekend doing even more documentation - joy! After a brief day at home in Melbourne with my husband I've flown back to Sydney and am once again holed up in a hotel and back on a stressful project and oh my goodness if only I could talk about just how stressful this one is! Is there any other kind these days?

Unlike my previous blog absentee periods though, things are going pretty well food-wise. Despite the stress levels I've not binged - very proud of that!! I've been missing the gym but walking a little more than usual.

I did weigh myself on Sunday night for the first time in over two weeks. It was a good number, but it was also straight after a long flight when I tend to dehydrate and my weight can bounce all over the place... I'll wait until I'm back home again to get a more reliable and consistent number.

My attempts at hotel food aren't getting any better. Tonight was comical. Typical but comical. The steamed vegetables on the menu in this hotel are described as being served "with Little General olive oil". Knowing that these hotels seem to justify their high prices with complex calorie per cents calculations, I figured I couldn't ask for just "no oil" or they'd find some other way to drown my veggies in calories. Instead I ordered a plate and asked for the oil to be on the side.

I very specifically said "just plain steamed vegetables, I'll add my own oil thank you". So what turns up? Oil in a bowl on the side as requested and steamed vegetables that taste of butter. When the menu says they're served with oil, it really didn't occur to me to have to specify "absolutely nothing but vegetables please, no oil and no butter". Seriously!?! At least it was truly only a hint this time and not a flood.

Anyways, excuse the garbled typing. I'd best run, it's past my bedtime and I was up at 4:30am today. Can't wait to be back to normal. I have so much to talk about. We're moving for starters. In fact my marvel of a husband is carrying the can right now and organising the whole lot on his tod - he really has been fantastic while I've been so work-blinkered.


Shauna said...

Wooohoo always glad to see a new entry. Good on ya for doing well with the food despite all that stress and unwanted butter :)

Hanlie said...

It's always good to hear from you! Hang in there... and well done for being so good with the eating!

Anonymous said...

Good job on not bingeing! Awesome really!

kathrynoh said...

Nice going with the no binging.

Tell the hotel you are diabetic and you CAN'T have any fat added to your food. They'll take that more seriously.

AlleyCat said...

Well done on the food front despite the butter :0)

Well done on finding a house!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hurray for you! I bet those veggies tasted good with the butter, though...! I agree with kathynoh - tell the servers you have allergies or a health issue. I have allergies myself, and find good servers will go out of their way to make sure I get exactly what I ask for.

Big Girl said...

it's always good to hear from you. Great job on eating well, or at least trying as hard as you are. Hang in there with the work stuff. hope the stress passes quickly.

ani pesto said...

kathrynoh & fatrap - what a great idea. Didn't even occur to me.

I tried it out the next day and can proudly report I had beautifully steamed salmon, with oil-free soba noodles and chinese greens