almost normal

I'm back in Melbourne, the Sydney project is done and dusted – mucho relief all round. The big house move is tomorrow but I've yet to finish all the documentation for the Perth job and promised the client they'd have them the beginning of this week. Hence why right now I find myself sitting on the floor of an empty house with a laptop appropriately on my lap.

Turns out too that I'd tempted fate with my “internet in the new house” comment. We can't get ADSL! There aren't any ports left at the exchange so they say. There's no cable in the area and no other providers. We've been trying to bend our heads around the prospect of either dial-up *gulp* or potentially robbing a bank to fund the extortionate wireless dongle options that lock you into a 36 month contract and are darn slow as they're so over-subscribed by all the other poor folk who can't get ADSL in the area. Hrmm. Hobson's.

Best be getting back to work. One day very soon, life will return to normal once more, I can practically smell it.


Hanlie said...

I know exactly what you mean... When we moved in March we thought it would be easy to get reconnected. But there were no ports available and we were told that it might only happen in July! I would have died by then, so we got broadband. The only problem is that I only have 3GB per month now and my husband refuses to top up, since it's so expensive, whereas I had 4GB before. This is still going to cause a big argument in our house! Understandably, dial up was out of the question!

Good luck!

wildfluffysheep said...

oh my days. I couldn't imagine life with out the internet eeep. thats bang unlucky.

Miss Milo said...

Dial-up?! :O :O That's crazy!

I hope you survive the rest of the week chicky. Looking forward to seeing you when your life is back to normal!


K not Kay said...

I so totally understand your internet woes. Hope luck strikes at the right moment and you'll get the port in no time.

Fat[free]Me said...

Ugh! Dialup? Rob that bank!

Good luck with the move and well done on the skinny trousers (I seemed to miss out on that post, blinkin RSS feed!).