skinny jeans


As a mens size 36" waist, they're hardly "skinny" for most folk, but when I bought them nearly two years ago, they were the skinniest jeans I'd worn for almost 20 years. Yet, only 6 short months later and they were once again relegated to the untouchable "too skinny" pile.

Well guess what? Yesterday I WORE THEM ALL DAY

The last time I tried them on was about two months ago, I'd wanted to see just how far (or close) they were from me. There was a wasteland of flesh between the button and its buttonhole, and no amount of contorting would permit the zip to budge.

When I chanced my luck to try them again yesterday, I was expecting a similar story, but hoped just to feel reassured they were getting closer. I certainly hadn't expected them to fit!

I'll be away again for my official HYC weigh-in, so in the midst of my skinny-jean-celebration-dance this seems like a rather appropriate time to check in:

today's weight: 95kg / 209.5lb / 14st 13lbs
loss of: 3.9kg / 8.5lb (since 12th May)

total loss this year: 21kg / 46lbs

There are even a couple of major milestones in there:
  • Lowest Melbourne weight. I'm now 0.1kg lower than I was when I arrived in Melbourne a year ago. A whole year of frantically running just to stay still.

  • BMI under 35, making me just plain "obese". No longer "severely" and a long way down from "morbidly". Next stop "overweight" oooh how I long to leave obese behind.
Feels bloomin' great I must say!

I'm still a work-brained fuzzled mess and we're also mid house-move. Most of our belongings have made their way to the new house (thanks to my fabulous hubby for all his hard work), with only a few boxes and all the furniture left to make the trip. We've lots still to organise but yet again I'll be away for most of it and trying to live by remote control. I'm back in Sydney all this week but at the moment it's looking good I might get to slow down a bit after that. Fingers crossed.

I've let my life become such a dishevelled and disorganised mess while I've had my work-blinkers on - I missed my sister-in-law's birthday, my cousin got married last week and I still haven't been in touch and I'll even be without a driving license next weekend as I've let my Western Australia one expire without having had a chance to organise a Victorian one.

I'm just so grateful that while everything else has been a mess, for once my food's been under control - so far touch wood!

Have a great week everyone. I've made a date with myself to catch up on how you're all doing next weekend so long as the internet's connected at the new hoose of course. Looking forward to it.


K not Kay said...

Fabulousness all around - I'm so impressed with what you've been able to achieve given what you've had on your plate recently. :D

Hanlie said...

Wow! You've done so well this year! Congratulations!

I can tell that you're feeling good about it... You can do this!

JanetM97 said...

Congrats on a great year and the skinny pants, too! :)

Mama Bear June said...

Congrats on your progress and the jeans fitting! That's wonderful. Keep on keepin' on!
Path to Health

Big Girl said...

Yeah!!! I love that you can get into your skinny pants!

Tully said...

WOO HOO!!! There is no better feeling than getting back into your skinny jeans. I am so impressed that you haven't let the stress bring you undone.

Losing Waist! said...

I missed this post! You have done a great job, despite all of your struggles. I hope you can see that! I LOVE LOVE fitting into clothes that are from the past. It engergizes me!