ani in a nutshell

In my quest to find a new path I just dug out one of those personality assessment thingamajigs I did for a job interview a few years ago. It was the kind where you answer a couple hundred questions and it churns out an automated report.

You'd think I might have picked up on the hint back then that computers weren't really my bag of fulfillment, but curiously this still ranked me as suitable for the software consultant job I was going for at the time.

Its summary:

    Ani's task preferences are (in order of preference):

    • doing something artistic
    • thinking about and trying new ways to do things
    • working with her hands
    • doing something that helps others or society
    • analyzing facts
    • problems and decisions
    • organizing something
    • teaching
    • fixing or repairing something
    • researching or learning new information.

    Ani prefers to avoid the following tasks (listed according to greatest dislike first):

    • working with numbers
    • driving a vehicle
    • working with computers
    • doing physical work

    Ani would be interested in work that involves animals, travel, writing/language, food, health/medicine and plants.

    Ani lacks interest in electronics.

    Ani needs a work environment that involves working as part of a team, working with the general public and working indoors.

I'd forgotten just how spot on it was:

    Ani is currently somewhat discouraged about the future. Ani is helpful and responsive to others' needs. Ani has a very strong intention to improve herself. Ani is extremely empathetic and warm, however Ani may at times become a little overly emotional. Ani tends to be reasonably open-minded, making it easier to communicate with people who have different ideas. There are some interpersonal areas in which she could improve. Ani may often have difficulty being frank or direct. Ani has difficulty expressing her own wants and needs. Ani has very low self-esteem. Although Ani has a very strong intention to improve herself, Ani may tend to be very hard on herself while trying to improve. Ani may at times be inflexible.


AlleyCat said...

hey ani! nice to see you back blogging. Good luck on this new journey - I am sure it will take you to a far better place than you've been. Hope to catch up with you soon :0)

ladypenelope said...

Hi ani, I've been reading you for a while but first time commenter.
I just packed up my life and moved countries in a bid to find myself again, luckily I'm working in my dream profession but unfortunately the rest of my life needs an overhaul. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi and wish you luck with whatever is ahead for you :)