hello Ani, universe calling

I really should get back into the habit of blogging again but it's funny to consider writing (well typing) down my thoughts when I've blocked them up so successfully lately.

I've had the most enormously positive response from my big decision (thanks, you folks, you're gorgeous!). Relaxation still seems a long way off while I'm still in the middle of craziness. Last night was another 2am finish. But I'm definitely getting the message it's time to go. First my laptop swallowed and melted my work ID card (it doubles up as a smartcard for authentication) then last night our blessed wee darling of a cat protested in the only way he knows best - he peed all over my work laptop bag. Lovely!

Finally just today my other work card, (the one that gets us in the shared building lift and car park), stopped working.

I get the message. Time to go.


MB said...

Sounds like a higher power is trying to tell you that you made the right decision.

This last month will be the hardest but you'll be so happy when you finally get out.

Hang in there, your freedom is within reach.

Miss Milo said...

Oh no! Naughty Higgins (I assume it was him).

I hope the last few busy weeks are a little big more bareable knowing your freedom is not too far away. Still, 2am?! How does your brain even still work at that time??

Lots of love :) xxx