domestic goddess


I think I've been bodysnatched by a 1950's housewife!


Whoever has the real Ani, please look after her. This alien-Ani's having a ball and might not want to leave.

You see, lately hubby's upped his own exercise and has been following a pretty serious programme of weights and cardio. With it comes a nutrition plan, which, until recently, he'd been largely ignoring. At the weekend I sat down with his plan and my fab kikki.K meal planner pad and worked out the week's food for the both of us.

picture borrowed from kikki.K website

I figured out my shopping list and trotted off to the supermarket, filling my trolley with a wide array of food and multi-size food containers.

I realise this may be very run of the mill for many folk, but for me - a non-cook; sure I'll bake a cake from time to time, but meal-preparation is not a task I've ever really enjoyed - this is bizarre and unusual behaviour.

  • awoke at 6am to blend a beautiful mixed berry and banana smoothie to start us on our day
  • dropped hubby at the train station complete with a lunchpack containing turkey, ham & pickle sandwich (made all the more perfect by the delicious homemade sourdough bread hubby was busy creating while I was with the girls on Saturday night) and a handful of pecans for attacks of the nibbles
  • slotted in an hour's exercise before returning to the station to catch a train into the city for my volunteer position, resplendent with my own lunch pack and ham sandwich (no free-food lunch panics for me today)
  • arrived home with just enough time ahead of hubby to pre-make the homemade turkey burgers (using, of course, breadcrumbs from hubby's sourdough) and started prepping veg before it was time again to return to the station for "how was your day dear?"
  • after a yummy, (and very healthy), dinner, it was back to the stove to grill chicken breasts, dice feta and create a salad for hubby and my lunch today. The pride I felt at the sight of his perfectly compartmentalised salad container (salad in the main part, grilled Portuguese chicken breast in another, feta in a wee pot and a snug little space for more snacky pecans), should honestly not be allowed.

  • began again with another fabulous breakfast and even more exercise
  • with Dr. Phil providing background noise, I spent the next short while roasting pumpkin for homemade soup; experimenting with a few spices along the way even (this is getting exotic now) and working up the perfect hunger for my own grilled chicken salad lunch
  • with the soup ready for tonight (more sourdough naturally), all that's left to do is make the tuna bean salad, and more importantly pick out the perfect storage container, for tomorrow's lunch pack.

And the moral of this story?

So long as it involves fabulous stationery and can appeal to my creative (and perfectionist) tendencies, I really can do anything.


The Better Idiot said...

All of that sounds awesome! You should ick up some bento boxes, I have a feeling you'd love them!

AlleyCat said...

you rock!!!!!

being a domestic goddess is loads of fun; all the more so when you've got the time :0)

Miss Milo said...

Oh my. Can I move into your place? :)

Well done chickadee! You should be so proud of yourself xxx

Elsha said...

I love the look of those meal planner pads! I looked at the website but couldn't see them there anywhere!

Shauna said...

Nice one Ani! Ahhh the awesome power of stationery!

(and all your dinners sound bloody tasty)

K not Kay said...

How cool and sounds so yummy too. I'm liking this "up and at them" spirit. :)

ani pesto said...

Thank you xx

I totally love the look of those bento boxes. Now if only it were me that got to take the cute stackable lovelies to work and not my hubby then I might get a way with spending a few pennies on them ;-)

So right about goddess-hood being fun when you've got the time. There's no way on earth I'd be doing this if I didn't. Hubby's in for a shock in the coming weeks when I go looking for work.

Elsha, I know, it's weird they use the image all over the place but it's not obvious on the website here