busy being good


For once my few days' absence is not attributable to a slippery slope slip to a downward spiral. Nope, I've just been rather busy, and busy being good n'all.

A lovely girlfriend of mine was visiting from overseas. Just about every waking hour was filled with shopping, sitting in cafes, shopping some more, sightseeing, shopping a little more, interspersed with ever more frequent cafe coffee breaks. Despite getting caught out in the worst hail storm and flash flooding Melbourne has seen for many years, it was the very best of times. I talked so much I lost my voice (hubby would say this is hardly surprising, but I think he rather enjoyed the mini-break himself - from me, I mean)

I'll admit that I had fretted a little before her arrival about how I'd be able to keep up my clean eating and exercise, but I'm glad to say I took the sensible option and told her upfront. We ate well and she even joined me in a combat DVD on Saturday morning. So great to share that smug "we deserve everything we eat from now on" feeling.

Now it's back down to earth and the regular routine. Well almost routine. Today's going to be a difficult one in terms of pantry picking and emotional eating; our furbaby Alfred has an operation this afternoon to try and repair the skin and tendons on his leg after coming a cropper yesterday. We're not sure if it was a car or what caused it, poor wee kittyboy. My plan of attack is to distract myself as much as possible, eat only pre-planned meals and snacks and keep drinking so much water there's constantly something reassuringly near my mouth. Get well soon Alfred.


JanetM97 said...

Congrats on your good (on track) visit with your friend! That's a good success. Visiting friends are tough! lol. (too many snacking opportunities!)

Hope Alfred's procedure goes well!

ani pesto said...

Thanks Janet x