left behind

This is the time when I need a blog the most but I ran away. I'm sorry. Thank you beautiful people for checking in on me.

Life's still at hiatus, I'm now in Adelaide and still working around the clock at a job I'm not sure is right for me. I didn't manage the 2 good days I talked of in my last post during that week, but I did manage 4 good days last week. This week's not so hot, heaps of stress and heaps of food. I'm seeking help and I'm looking into my options work wise.

I'm trying, I really am. Problem is my virgo sense of perfectionism says any effort just isn't good enough unless the result is perfection.

I'll do my best to be back.


Shauna said...

thinking of you comrade and give us a shout if you want to vent or blether!!! xx

wildfluffysheep said...

*hugs* <3

hang in there m'lovely!

Big Girl said...

I hear you my virgo friend. =) I had to laugh at that comment because that's me too a lot of times.

Hang in there and remember, having at least one good day is better than not having it at all.

K not Kay said...

Good vibes heading your way, Ani.

Ananda said...

Ani, I hope everything is okay. I've been reading your blog for some time and I've noticed the posts petering out lately and that also you've been having a rough time recently. I hope you've not posted for a while now because you're getting your head in gear rather that the other reason!
Positive vibes going out.

CouchPotatoAtHeart said...

"Hello, hello. Tap, tap, tap" Couch calls as she unattractively smushes her nose up against the window trying to see if there is anipesto is still inside. "I hope you're OK in there. We're here if you need us."
Couch pauses, listening carefully for any indication of life inside. On hearing nothing, she sighs, and with the words "I'll check back again soon", walks off slowly.

Anonymous said...

Hey! thinking of you :-)