the oldest trick

I'm in on a training course right now. I should really be listening to the insightful learnings of the instructor but instead I'm distracted by my obsessings over the fact I ate the chips in my nasty boxed lunch they provided. It's quite honestly all I can think about.

I didn't intend to eat the chips, I'd very deliberately removed the chocolate bar but I hadn't quaranteened the chips with the same degree of care. Now I feel greasey and dirty. My jeans feel just that little bit tighter. The rolls of my stomach seem to fold just that little bit more prominantly. Worst of all I now feel completely driven to hunt out and consume as many calories as I can find.

Now I'm honestly not really that daft.

I know my metabolism and digestive systems aren't that fast.

I know nothing will be either solved or made better by eating even more.

I also know that I'm ALLOWED to eat chips.

I know better than this.

Food is neither bad nor good. It can be better and worse but it's *just* food, it has no power and can all be balanced. Chips at lunch might mean pass on the bread at dinner. I didn't lose 60 kilos without playing this balance to my advantage. I ate healthily and mindfully for two years. I wasn't on a "diet", I was actively living a healthy lifestyle. You can't sustain that much weight-loss by abstinance alone, well I personally can't, I'm too much of a binger and a craver. If I told myself I could never ever eat chocolate or chips again, when the road gets tough, when the weight loss slows down and the frustration goes up what's the very first thing I'm going to binge on... doh!

So then why am I feeling like this today? Why did I feel like this yesterday? Yesterday I did the very same; breakfast options were nothing but a bunch of cakes and pastries (I'm in America after all), lunch was the very same calorie loaded sandwich, packet of chips and a chocolate bar (it's not like I wasn't fully prepared and didn't know what to expect today), afternoon snacks meant more brownies and cookies and then back to the hotel for dinner. By the time I'd made my regretful breakfast choice I fell into the oldest trick in the book. I'd essentially decided I'd ruined the whole day so I might as well give up.

This is the very same scenario I've faced many times before while successfully losing weight. But back then I wasn't so easily tricked. I had the tools and techniques at my disposal to decide objectively what to eat and what not to and then most importantly how to feel good about that choice. I didn't feel like I was missing out on yummy goodies, I felt good about my greater goal and how good I was feeling.

So if I know all this - and I clearly do, I'm the one typing it after all - why doesn't it work right now? I still have the knowledge, I must still have the tools, I just feel like I've forgotten how to use them.

I feel like someone needs to switch the power button back on in my right-minded head because I'm watching myself drowning and rather than swimming to surface I'm that drunken person in the "Don't drink and swim" adverts frantically diving his way to the bottom of the ocean mistakenly thinking it's the surface (it might only be the Aussies who'll know that ad but I'm sure you can imagine it).

Thank you to the lovely people who commented to my post the other day. I fully intend to pop by and say so personally on your own pages when I'm out of this darn classroom and can browse freely.

And Yes - it IS Sunday
Yes I am mad to be on a training course!


Cammy said...

Ah, the danger of the box lunch. Shame on the organizers for not offering healthy options. (That's something I do that I'm especially proud of. In our multi-cultural society, I really don't understand why trainers/organizers don't take more care when planning meals and snacks.)

Sorry, I got off on a tangent. :)

It's difficult when we feel like things are out of our control. You did good, though, in eliminating the chocolate, and a few chips aren't the end of the world.

Hang in there!

Elsha said...


I am an emotional eater - think I have told you that before. It makes it so hard, when you know you shouldn't be doing something and then you do it anyway.

I hear you on the chips thing, I probably would have not even been concious of eating them until afterwards.

{{{{hugs to you}}}}

Lisa aka water_nymph said...

do you think it might help a bit to "Start Over"? Remember when you first started the successful leg of your weight loss? Did you clean out the fridge and pantry and go all out on a huge shopping trip? Dust off the food scales? Chop and store fresh fruit and veggies for quick portion controlled access? Use a special glass to drink large quantities of water from?

I find when i start slipping if i jump in wholeheartedly right away it really helps to rejuvenate my enthusiasm. Mind you, i haven't had anything close to the success you have, but maybe this suggestion might help?