who's in charge here?

It's like every thought ends with food for a full stop:
  • Work's stressing me out... must eat something
  • I look ghastly... a doughnut would be good right now
  • I can't believe I've put on so much weight... a cheesecake will stop those thoughts
  • I feel car-sick.... eating will settle that

Of course my right mind know this isn't the case but somehow, and somewhere along the line, I surrendered myself to this way of thinking then allowed myself to be trapped by it. Thing is, I'm the one steering this ship aren't I?

Don't I get a say?


Elsha said...

Ani....I hear you loud and clear. I have been eating for 12 the last 3 days and I feel physically sick and so lethargic.

Just take small steps and concentrate on getting one foot in front of the other.

You did it before....you can do it again.